Thursday, May 8, 2008

Wild Edibles Workshop

I'll be AWOL—or OOF, as they say in CubeLand—from late Thursday until Monday night, but my faithful Girl Friday, who has her own blog now called Blue Positive, will hopefully employ her newfangled technical skills to push the button on a couple posts I have on deck.

My destination is the Oregon Coast, where I'll be attending a Wild Food Adventure hosted by John Kallas. This particular adventure is known as the Native Shores Rendezvous and we'll be...

using the wisdom of the ancients in the context of current realities...[to gain] a realistic vision and practical experience on the roles that wild foods play in survival, primitive living, and living simple situations. We'll cover the three areas of survival: recreational, mortal, and vagabond survival. We'll cover primitive living, in terms of how the First Peoples made a living off the land and what possibilities there are for doing this today. We'll cover how wild foods can be incorporated into the everyday diet of those looking for a more simple, sustainable way of living.

Pretty cool, eh? A detour into the Columbia Gorge for some springer fishing is also on tap. I'll post a full report when I return.

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Anonymous said...

I took John's class twice... even bought my wife the second time. Great class and lots of WILD FOOD. Going to take another in the future if I can find the time.

We teach wild foods at four times or more a year and I also teach for

Saw your blog (and Sunny's blog write up on you)... great stuff. Keep munching!