Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I Caught Eight Springers!

Here's a fun party game. Clickety to see how many spring chinook you can catch on the live Bonneville Dam Fish Cam. The image above came from a lucky winner on the Gamefishin' board. You can also see the Columbia River fish counts to date by clicking here.

In other Bonneville news, feds are now saying they think the killing of six trapped sea lions, including two ESA-listed Steller sea lions, was an inside job. Previously it was believed that frustrated fishermen somehow pulled off the hit. The deaths of the salmon-eating pinnipeds came shortly after I posted remarks about redneck fishermen venting (read: displacing) their anger over diminishing fish runs. It's a shame that a few knuckle-draggers give fishermen a bad name, although at times I'm persuaded that it's more than just a few.

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