Monday, May 5, 2008

Counting Clams

I haven't stressed enough the educational opportunities afforded by foraging. For instance, the art of counting!

Can't you see me explaining to the game warden why we've exceeded our limit: "She did the counting. It was her!"

Yesterday was a banner day. A minus tide, sixty-five degrees, and sunny. We dug limits of clams and oysters, and got a pile o' mussels too. Once everyone had left with their gunnysacks full, the kids stripped off their mud-caked clothes and went skinny-dipping. Good times.


Anonymous said...

It's great to hear of a modern kid doing something old fashioned like digging clams ... what a great education in food for her. Hope she enjoys her share of the catch too.

Anonymous said...

So, I smell an accountant in the early stages of development. Might she be available for some work next April?
Awesome capture of a beautiful little person in action. Thanks for sharing.

Langdon Cook said...

"Awesome capture" is a great way to put it. So often I see my kids doing something hilarious and wish I had the camera rolling--and on this particular occasion I was prepared and it was perfect.