Monday, April 7, 2008

Epic Morel Season Shaping Up

OK, the reports are really pouring in now. It would seem that many parts of the country are experiencing a morel bonanza this year. You can get an idea of the shakeout by taking a look at this updated progress map. Georgia is positively filthy with 'em. The lower Mississippi states, drying out after late winter floods, are producing some monster specimens. They're even finding morels up in Michigan now.

Meanwhile FOTL's stomping grounds are relatively quiet, except for the odd report here and there of suburban landscaping morels. We're trying to remain calm, but truth be told this morel hunter is absolutely champing at the bit ... though with Snoqualmie Pass closed yesterday (again) due to an avalanche slide across I-90 and winter driving advisories throughout the mountains ... it could be a while yet. The upside: all this weather might produce a bumper crop eventually if the ground retains its moisture.

The image above was snagged from the Morel Mushroom Hunting Club, which continues to do yeoman's work in providing daily reports from around the states—and even the occasional find overseas. The impressive haul dwarfing Lincoln comes from Oklahoma. I love this quote from an Okie hunter: "Killed two big gobblers and their crawls were both plum full om morels this morning. The buggers been beating me to them." Does it get better than that, people? And here's a warning to tree-markers from a Missourian: "yo, for all you uns in st lou county looking for shrooms in county park and trail areas, stop marking trees and trails with orange paint and tape...if you cain't pick out da right trees by the gray light of pre dawn then you don't belong in da woods by uself anyway...don cum bak now ya hear..." Apparently it's getting a little tense in the woods.

Of course, if you want solitude and all the morels you can eat (or dry or sell), go to the Yukon in a couple months.


Chickenofthewoods said...

That's hilarious. Of all the things there are on the internet for us to blog about... it's uncanny. Great minds think alike, hunh?

No, I haven't been out. There's a small orchard on the farm that I've perused almost daily, to no avail. I took a gander at some mulch last time I was in Corvallis, but it's been a while, and it was too early then.

I'm looking forward to getting out to the Sisters area, climbing up Green Ridge, wandering around the Mount Bachelor shadows and generally just GETTING AWAY.

I can't get over that picture being at the top of both of our blogs at the same time. Kooky.

t-mos said...

damn man, thats a haul, and it's making me a twitch a little. i've been forcing a bit too much lately, searching everywhere to no avail. i've spent about 6 or 7 hours in the last week searching for landscape morels here in corvallis and have found none. i'm not even planning on eating them from the mulch, but i need to see one, soon!