Shellfish Foraging & Cooking Classes

Pull on your rubber boots and grab a bucket! Once again I've teamed up with Bainbridge Island Parks & Rec and master shellfish grower John Adams of Sound Fresh Clams & Oysters to offer shellfish foraging and cooking classes on Little Skookum Inlet, near Shelton, Washington.

After a crash course in the biology of our local shellfish, we'll learn how to find and identify a variety of oysters and clams; how to forage them in quantity; and how to process our haul. Then we'll change out of our boots and cook our catch, learning the finer points of shellfish cuisine, from shucking oysters to making steamed clam dishes that will delight your dinner guests.

The coup de grace is a meal that includes at least two clam dishes, all the raw oysters you can eat, and—on cold or wet days—barbecued oysters around a warm fire. These gatherings have also been known to involve impromptu beer and wine tastings, homemade charcuterie, and all other manner of hearty food and drink. Each student will go home with a bucket full of clams and oysters.
The cost is $99/person.

This fall's shellfish classes will meet near Shelton, WA, on the following dates:
  • Sep 27: Shellfish Foraging & Cooking, Little Skookum Inlet, WA, 10am-3pm, activity #531810-02
  • Sep 28: Shellfish Foraging & Cooking, Little Skookum Inlet, WA, 10am-3pm, activity #531810-03 SOLD OUT
To sign up, please call Bainbridge Island Parks & Rec: 206-842-2302 x-0 (and reference above activity #)

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