Monday, July 9, 2012

Dept. of Horn-tooting

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of introducing national NPR correspondent Martin Kaste to the woods—and all the possibilities for nourishment that await within. The segment was part of a week-long series devoted to "West Coast Innovators."Short radio interviews can be tricky, but I think Martin did an excellent job of capturing the many levels of awareness that go into foraging, from the sheer visceral pleasure of it to the culinary to the cautionary.

Listen to my NPR interview:

The following week, while in the Cascades hunting spring porcini, I took a break on the edge of cell range to speak with James Beard Award-winning food writer and personality Anthony Dias Blue. Listen to our conversation on "Blue Lifestyle" (starts around 18 minute mark):


Kathleen said...

I enjoyed listening to this while I did our laundry! I just happened to turn on the radio and was pleasantly surprised to hear you being highlighted. It was really nicely done.

Carter said...

FYI, the first 18 minutes of the Blue Lifestyle Radio podcast are ads, promos, etc. If you want to hear Langdon's interview skip to minute 18.

Cool to hear you getting some press, Langdon. Well deserved.

The Solo Cook said...

Great interview on NPR Langdon. You made me want to get in the forest and find mushrooms. You bring out the explorer in everyone.