Friday, December 18, 2009

Win a Day of Foraging with Yours Truly

Season's greetings everyone! Have you heard about Menu for Hope?

Menu for Hope, the brainchild of Pim over at Chez Pim, raises money to help feed people in disadvantaged parts of the world. For the past few years the money raised has gone to the UN World Food Programme, the largest food aid agency in the world, working in over 75 countries. This year funds raised will go to support a new initiative called Purchase for Progress, which enables smallholder and low-income farmers to supply food to the UN global food operations. Rather than just distributing food, this program empowers participants to become self-reliant.

Here's how Menu for Hope works: Food bloggers around the world are offering goods and services which you can bid on. Each $10 donation earns you a raffle ticket for the item of your choice. The more you donate, the greater your chances of winning. If you donate $50, you can select five different items, or you can put all five raffle tickets toward the same item, increasing your chances. Winners are selected at random, and notified in January.

At Fat of the Land we're offering a morning or afternoon of foraging in the Seattle area. We could bushwhack through woods in search of edible fungi...or dig clams at the coast...or pick huckleberries in the mountains... The choice is yours. To bid on this item, select UW40.

Directions for bidding:

1. Choose a bid item or bid items of your choice from our Menu for Hope main bid item list.

2. Go to the donation site at Firstgiving and make a donation.

3. Please specify which bid item you'd like in the 'Personal Message' section in the donation form when confirming your donation. You must write-in how many tickets per bid item, and please use the bid item code.

Each $10 you donate will give you one raffle ticket toward a bid item of your choice. For example, a donation of $50 can be 2 tickets for UW01 and 3 tickets for UW33.

4. If your company matches your charity donation, please check the box and fill in the information so we can claim the corporate match.

5. Please check the box to allow us to see your e-mail address so that we can contact you in case you win. Your e-mail address will not be shared with anyone.

Thank you and happy holidays!


Ra said...

Great idea! I've often thought you could have people pay you to take them out and show them the edible landscape all around... but this is even better :)

Carbzilla said...

My husband and I realized today that we'd each purchased a copy of your book for each other! Now we can gift one to someone who wouldn't have been able to buy it. I love it when the world works like that.

sally @mixedgreens said...

Love this! Thanks for heads up about Purchase for Progress - in my opinion it's the way to do it. I'll try to follow through with a contribution.
Good holidays to you and yours, Lang.

Langdon Cook said...

Big thanks to everyone who participated in Menu for Hope. I'll post a link to the winners when it's available.

Ra - Agreed. I was happy to be part of it.

Carbzilla - Love it - gift of the magi!

Sally - Hope you & yours had an excellent holiday as well.