Sunday, February 10, 2008

I've Seen the Future ... and It Has Six Legs!

Today's New York Times magazine has a brief but intriguing article on the food of the future: "Man Bites Insect," by Sam Nejame.

Money quote: "Why douse fields with pesticides if the bugs we kill are more nutritious than the crops they eat?"

The article features a Rhode Island community college writing teacher who has made it his mission to introduce the joys of entomophagy to the wider, bug-fearing public. Says David Gracer: "Insects can feed the world. Cows and pigs are the S.U.V.’s; bugs are the bicycles." You can visit Gracer's blog "Bugs for Dinner!" here, or check out his fledgling business Sunrise Land Shrimp here.

I'll have more to say on this subject in upcoming posts.


Martha Silano said...

What a photo! What a concept! I can even make out the little hairs on the poor sucker's back! I mean, you're telling me I gotta eat this little guy? He seems almost human.

Tell me: have you actually bitten into a larvae? What did it taste like?

Langdon Cook said...
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Langdon Cook said...

Thanks for visiting, Pepper. Actually, this is one of the few photos I didn't take. As for larvae, etc., I'm working up to it. First have to learn about which bugs are tasty and which to avoid, then I'll be out there this summer...gulp...foraging. Stay tuned!